Love… and a cat.


Picture of the Day 2014




Today I was asked the following question by a coworker:

“Where do you learn to do what you’re doing?” (Crocheting)

My response:

“My mom, about 20 years ago.”

Every day at lunch (when I’m not running to A.C. Moore on break) I sit in the lunch room at work and crochet.

My coworkers do the usual things: call it knitting, ask me how I do it, make fun of me (calling me an old lady), comparing me to their mother/grandmother, or telling me about a crochet/knitted item someone made for them. I just smile and keep on plugging away.

Tonight I was left with a free night to myself and took advantage by first stopping at Michael’s before picking up dinner. There was a small detour to  the auto parts store because while sitting in the drive-thru for dinner I realized one of my headlights was out.

After Scotty helped me put in the new bulb I ate and started working on my first hat:


Unfortunately it takes me a little while to fully grasp the concept of new patterns. About a half hours worth of crocheting ended up being pulled out because I was doing it wrong. Once I had it right I just flew along!

I have found that when I’m starting a new pattern it is best to sit quietly in my room. No TV/Movies and no music like I normally need playing. Just me, my yarn, and silence. And sometimes YouTube (for things like Magic Ring tutorials).


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