Wedding Planning Weekend

What a busy day this has turned out to be! This morning and afternoon turned into a big day of planning for our wedding in 98 days!

I stopped by Men’s Warehouse to pick out the tuxedos for the wedding and set up the package with my discount. Because I purchased my wedding gown with David’s Bridal I received a discount towards tuxedo rentals for the wedding party! So what would have cost the guys about $139 became $89, woohoo!

Then when I got home I spent time picking out flower girl dresses for Anya and Gracie. I found the cutest ivory gowns with light pink sashes and a big bow in the back. They will look adorable!! And each dress was about $22! You better believe I ordered them right away!

Last I helped my sister with a list of people to invite to my bridal shower and updated my guest list a bit. It’s amazing how just 3 months can change a short list of people into a longer one!

On the crochet front; I am almost finished with the hat I am making. I ran out of yarn and have to run to Michael’s at some point for more. And the baby blanket I am working on is more than halfway complete.

Overall today I feel accomplished. 🙂


Picture of the Day 2014


Meow-Meows, thank you for being my alarm clock this morning!



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