Pa (Another Heavenly Birthday)

Here we are on another heavenly birthday.

Today my dad would have turned 64, but instead gets to spend it doing what he always dreamed of, praise God face to face!

Tonight’s post is dedicated to my dad (or Pa as we more commonly called him) and some of the things I remember about him.


Pa loved my mother with all his heart. Only God came before her, no one else.
They were young (by today’s standards) when they got married, but it all worked out for the good.
Oh, and he was born in Texas while my Grandpa attended college.


Pa loved to teach/preach. Telling other people about God was a gift to him.
He preached better than most Pastors could ever hope to, maybe I’m a little bias…


Pa was a Civil War reenactor.
He sewed his own clothes, made his own hats, and sewed authentic flags.
I believe there is a flag of his in a Civil War museum out in the mid-west somewhere.


Pa was a puppeteer.
Mom wrote scripts and they did pre-recorded tapes to preform.
Before he died we got to do one last big show together at Tabernacle.
Pa made the big wooden stage. I will never forget that day.


Pa loved all of his kids. From the oldest to the youngest, he loved each one of us.
And my dad loved our friends too as if they were his kids.


He was a father to the only grandchild he would get to know on this earth, Scotty.
They were best buddies!


He was happiest being in Gettysburg with his family.
But now I’m sure he would say his favorite place to be is where “the roses never fade.”


“When the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there!”

I love you, daddy ❤


Picture of the Day 2014


My buddy cat, Meatloaf. ❤ Who was also secretly loved by my dad.



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