Wedding set up and Rehearsal

Friday, April 25th 2014 was one of the busiest days for me in a long time. It was wedding set up and rehearsal day! 

The church were we held the reception had a large gym along with all the tables and chairs we needed. So first thing that morning I set off to BJ’s Wholesale club with my Maid of Honor, Ellen, to pick up the last minute things we needed. 
Thankfully a lot of Roy’s family had arrived and offered to help us with the set up. Some of my family (including Paula/Lala and her crew) was able to come and help out as well. And thank God for them all! It was a huge load off my mind to have so many hands for helping, including the kids!


Setting up the gym.



Can you tell the wedding colors are pink?

Since I was on a very tight budget for the wedding I kept things simple, yet nice. Disposable table cloths, paper plates, plastic utensils, plastic cups, and the centerpieces are my favorite. 


Simple, yet lovely.

The centerpieces were Pinterest inspired, various glass vases of different textures/heights with just a flower or two in each. My brother Phil and I (okay, mainly Phil) shopped at Good Will and other thrift shops and purchased the vases for $1 or less each. Then that afternoon my sister-in-law Tory and I went to Costco to buy the flowers. She was my angel that day with setting up the center pieces!



After we finished setting up I got to meet even more in-laws for lunch before heading to the chiropractor for a quick adjustment. 

The rehearsal that night was a very interesting circus.
Note for future brides: do not expect your rehearsal to go smoothly. Someone will show up late (even by accident), no one will know where to stand, people will goof around, someone will cause drama, and things may go wrong. But it is okay, this is why you are going through rehearsal and not going at it blind. Maybe do like I did and lighten the mood a bit with some props from the nursery. 


Photo credit: Dorothy Haines


I had everyone laughing with my baby blanket “train”. 🙂 Photo credit: Dorothy Haines

The part that was my favorite is when the pastor (my father-in-law, Dave) had the groomsmen gather around Roy to pray and the bridesmaids around me with my mother-in-law (Momma) to pray. 


Photo credit: Mandy McCartney


Photo credit: Mandy McCartney

We had a lovely dinner at Denny’s afterwards and we all have a terrific time together. 


The cake my in-laws picked out for the rehearsal dinner.

All in all it was a good day where we accomplished a lot!


Oh, one last thing:


My oldest nephew, Scotty, in his tux. Yes ladies, he is single.


So I got married


All that time and planning, the wedding day has come and gone.
Would I do it all again? Yes.
Would I do anything different? Yes.
Do I have some of the most awesome family and friends ever? You better believe it!!

I’ll post details at a later time.

Right now my concentration is on packing the last boxes and saying “see you next time” to my New Jersey peoples. (“Goodbye” is too final.)

Once we get to Michigan and settle I’m thinking of blogging (if there is time) so non-Facebook people can keep up with us. Also for some folks who don’t do computers (i.e. Grandparents) we might do a quarterly newsletter as well.