We’re having a baby

May 17th, 2014 was our first Saturday in Lansing, Michigan as husband and wife. The night before the church threw us a reception for the congregation to celebrate with us.
After noticing my period wasn’t showing up, regardless of the weak cramps I had been feeling all week, I texted April saying I thought I needed a test. She told me to head to the Dollar Tree for a home pregnancy test since they work just as well at the $15 name brand ones. Then she told me I couldn’t take it till I was on the phone with her.
Roy was the only other person I told my suspicion to in which he shared that he thought the same thing all week. From there we set out to the store and to pick up lunch.
I will admit I was a mean sister. While eating I found a picture of a positive pregnancy test and texted it to April. At the time she had been napping so when she woke up she called me asking why I took it already, then hung up when I said, “Gotcha!”
Well I called her right back and we got ready for me to take it. Thankfully someone gave us a Dixie cup dispenser for the bathroom since I needed to collect the sample. My phone was on speaker sitting on the sink and Roy was standing in the doorway. Just a few drops and the control strip started darkening.
The very short wait began.
On the phone, April kept asking if the test line was appearing yet. I was staring at it trying to figure out if the line that was appearing was for real and said, “I don’t know if this is the other line.” “Suz, are there two lines??” April asked. When I said yes she exclaimed, “Suz!! You’re pregnant!!”
My sister in New Jersey knew before I did!

Of course because she was just about screaming with excitement that told Jimmy and Anya.

So we’re having a baby, my baby and me!

My first trimester has knocked me down and we can’t wait to hit the second trimester soon! But that’s a post for another day!