Our First Thanksgiving


2014 was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and as such, my first time cooking a Thanksgiving dinner.
My years of watching and/or helping my mom, sisters, and various cooking shows paid off (thankfully!)
My only real obstacle that was non-pregnancy related was my lack of an oven. My way around this was making sure that we had a large toaster oven and slow cooker (Crock-Pot) when we moved in this past May.  Pinterest provided the idea of cooking turkey breast in the Crock-Pot and internet searches helped me pin down an ambrosia recipe.

My mom had a Thanksgiving week routine that was rarely (if ever) altered. Monday she would finish up any shopping that hadn’t been completed yet, Tuesday we would start on apple pies, and Wednesday we would make pumpkin pies. She would always make her own pie dough and we would most likely bake about 2-4 pies a day. Those were the days when we had over 10+ people at our dinner table.

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Crochet Projects “Dump”

The pregnancy has been going well, but I’m still trying to take it easy and help prevent high blood pressure. What better way to relax then working on crochet projects! My fingers have been flying through as many projects as I can crank out. I’ve only just started slowing down as I am experiencing some pain in my hands (believed to be a result of sleeping funny on my arms).

All of the photos I post are completed projects and I have tried to include the link of where to find/purchase the patterns. I do tend to put my own little twists/changes with almost any pattern I work with (i.e. crochet “buttons” instead of real ones).

First up: Hats

Newsboys Hat - Roy

Grey Newsboys Hat made for Roy

I also did a light blue hat with a white beard and a teal hat with a brown beard, but I forgot to take pictures before I delivered them!

Maggie Newsboys Hat - Mandy

Teal Newsboys Hat for my sister-in-law


And some amigurumi:

Disney Princesses - Danielle Group

Rapunzel, Elsa, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle

Again, I do make some minor changes when I work with certain patterns. The original patterns are credited to each creator and I do not distribute these patterns or claim them as my own.

There are plenty more projects coming since Christmas is so soon. I’m working on as many orders and presents as I can!